Neptune Minerals, Inc. was founded in January 2011 to explore and develop Seafloor Massive Sulfide (SMS) deposits.


SMS deposits exist on the ocean floor around volcanic arcs where hydrothermal vents have exhaled sulfide-rich mineralized fluids into the ocean, possibly over many years. These deposits are often rich in gold, silver, copper, zinc and/or lead.  Neptune Minerals is focusing on non-active vent sites where temperatures, nutrients, flora and fauna are extremely low or non-existent.

SMS minerals extraction has several advantages over land-based mining. These include little or no overburden (i.e., material covering a resource), high base and precious metals content, marginal waste, mobile infrastructure and minimal social and environmental disruption.

The Neptune Minerals’ strategic business plan is built on a scalable business model that has inherent benefits of both low costs and low risk.

Two key aspects differentiate Neptune Minerals from others in the SMS sector:

    1. Our operational approach.
    2. Our extraction methodology.

Firstly, our fundamental philosophy is to take a precautionary approach in everything we do. We call this the Neptune Minerals BABY STEPS principle. It enables us to evaluate and, if necessary, adjust all our operational and environmental procedures on a continuous and, most importantly, on an informed basis.

Secondly, we propose an ore extraction process that is based on adapting existing technology rather than developing new machinery and systems.  There are significant benefits to be gained from this approach, including:

    • The machinery is cheaper to operate.
    • Cash flow generation will occur faster.
    • Lower operational risks associated with being among the first companies to successfully monetize SMS deposits.

Our strategic intent in the long-term is to explore our licensed SMS tenement areas, identify prospective deposits, define corresponding resources and generate revenue from our deposits by either:

    • Selling all, or a portion of, our deposits;
    • Conducting minerals extraction from our deposits in approved mining license areas.